WallyBall | Volly Ball| All You Need To Know

Wallyball is a fast-moving, energetic and inspiring game. Both men and women of any age can play this game. It is played in a racquet court having four walls enclosed from four sides. It is also called “rebound volleyball”. In wallyball, it is legalized to bounce the ball off of the walls.

Wallyball is played between two to six members from one side. A seven to eight feet high net is used for this game. A line is marked about one foot away from both sides. Like football, cricket or UFC is a very interesting and amazing game for all athletes.

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History Of Wallyball:

Joe Garcia is known as the planner of wallyball. Bill Dejonghe composed this exciting game for the racquetball club. This club faced a problem of declining visitors, but Bill defined this sport to gain more attraction from visitors and increase the business during this condition. 

Joe Garcia helped boost its reputation by taking on a big challenge. This sport, like volleyball, soon gained a lot of fame.

For its popularity, he contacted Al Scates, a volleyball coach. He called coach Scates in his club to play wallyball. Scates loved this sport, and both cooperated in setting the sport’s rules to identify those skills necessary to play and define all the equipment essential for the game.

How is it different from standard volleyball?

It is different from volleyball due to the difference in,

  • Number of participants (two to six in wallyball and six must compete in volleyball)
  • The court size and tools
  • Number of scores
  • All game rules

Who And How Does Wallyball Play?

If you know how to play volleyball, you can also play wallyball easily because there is little difference between them. The players have to get the ball over the net. The net should not touch the ball.

After starting the game, A player should make three attempts to bring a ball back over the net before it hits the ground.

One player cannot hit the ball two times in a series. This is necessary to hit the ball with any part of the player’s body. Teammates give a chance to every player to play.

After making three attempts, if you fail to get the ball over the net, Your serving team gains a point. The team who succeeds in gaining fifteen points first becomes the winner.

What Is Scoring?

The selected area in your opponent’s half should be where the ball hits the ground to gain a point. Besides this, you can obtain a point when your opposite player passes over the line inside your area and puts the ball in the goal. Any team may score a point after serving.

Every game has 25 scores, and the winning team must have two extra scores to win. If each team has identical 24-24 scores, the game continues until one team has a two points lead.

How To Win In Volleyball?

For winning, volleyball consistency, management, well play, and building momentum.

These are two strategies: if you act upon them, you can beat another team that is more active and experienced than you.

If your opponent is predictable, you can make the following plans for winning.

  • Don’t do what your opponent wants to do
  • Don’t let your opposer do what they want

Critical Points To Beating Predictable Players In Volleyball:

1. Always make a plan

Good players always have a plan to win. You should figure out their opinions and plans. You can take away their power when you force your opponent to do something they do not want. When you insist, they may do what they could be better at. In this way, you can lose them and become a winner.

2. Playing consistent

The good players are those who play games with consistency. Make proper strategies to defeat your opponent’s team.

A game that is played consistently is considered good. But the negative aspect of consistency is that the player is more expected. This is when deception becomes more necessary for the opposite player.

3. Making adjustments

Making your opponents convert their game to what you want has all things to do with making adjustments. If your plans need to be fixed, try to do something else.

Be deceptive to make it impossible for your opponent to know what is done next.

4. Using momentum in volleyball

Only talent, skills, and experience do not make you a winner. There is an important thing that is necessary for winning the game is “momentum”.

When you have momentum, you become more confident, and everything goes well.

Momentum is a significant factor in winning over the opposite player. You can return to winning if you lose the momentum by adjusting your game. Playing with a plan is the key to keeping momentum.

Basic Rules Of Volleyball Or Wallyball:

There are fundamental rules and regulations to playing volleyball.

  •  Six players can play this game at a time, three from one side and three from another side
  • Three numbers of hits should be from each side
  • Points are made for the winning team on the serving point
  • Players cannot hit the ball two times in a row
  • It is essential to touch the ball with any part of a player’s body 
  • It is against the law to catch and hold the ball


Walleyball is an energetic sport and keeps a player healthy and fit. No specific age is required to play this game. It is played on a racquet court with at least six players from both sides. You must score more points than your opposite team to win the game.

After reading this article, we hope you know all the rules well and play as a good player. Always play with confidence and consistency by adjusting to the game and with a plan to become a winner. Then you will move ahead, playing fantasy games.

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