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Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has a history that goes back to the 18th century. Cricket is an English game that was brought over to North America by British settlers. The first recorded match took place in 1706 and was played between teams from New York and London.

History of Cricket

Cricket begins as a simple game where village lads bowl at trees or at the barrier gate together into sheep corrals during the thirteenth century. This gate was divided into two uprights. A crossbar, and a set of slotting tops. This crossbar was known as bail, and the whole thing was known as a wicket. As a cricket game lover, being curious about its history is a natural fact. So, if you want to learn more about your beloved sport, keep reading this post.

History of Game

The cricket game has been seen as established as a dominant sport from 1726-1711 in London. And as well as southeasterly countries of the United Kingdom. It was already a popular game in the southeast by 1726. And despite being confined by the difficulties of a period, it was gradually gaining devotes in other regions of England. By 1771, references to the sport could be found in numerous countries, indicating an acceleration in its growth. 

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After serving as a primarily rural sport for over a decade, cricket gained the attention of affluent spectators and gamblers, whose patronage supported its expansion across the 18th century. The mark appears to have gone backward during the Seven Years’ Battle (1756–1763) as a result of the mid-century fatal accidents of some of its most predominant fans. Still, it currently undergoes dynamic changes around 1760 with the emergence of pitched delivery bowlers and the ensuing discovery of a straight bat. Around the same era, the Hambleton Club was established, and for the next three decades, cricket flourished under its direction.

History of Cricket in India

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, sailors and merchants of the Britain East India Corporation brought cricket to India. The game of cricket had first been mentioned in India in 1721, and the initial club was established in 1792. In the summers of 1886 and 1888, the Parsis cricket team visited England.

History of cricket in india

The first English team to tour India was in the wintertime of 1889–1890, and another went there in the 1892–1893 period. As the Parsees defeated the European cricket team in the important Bombay Administration Match, the visit coincided with the start of professional cricket in the nation. The competition was renamed Bombay Quadrangular during 1912–13 as the Muslim and Hindu cricket teams were included. Similar contests soon started in Madras and Calcutta. First-class cricket was introduced in India before the end of 1918.

Longest Six

The boundary of a playground or the actual item (typically a rope) used to indicate the field’s edge constitutes the boundary. The longest 6 in the sporting history of cricket was struck by English batsman Albert Trott in a Test match with Australia at the Lord’s in 1899 when he hammered Monty Noble for just a six that flew close to 120–125 meters. 

Another long six in the history of cricket is a record set by Chris Gayle on November 21, 2007. He hit the ball from 113 meters away and it went for six.

History of Cricket Game

Cricket, though, hadn’t yet begun keeping such statistics. Shahid Afridi of Pakistan holds the record for the longest 6 in cricket history. When he hit a 158-meter six against Southern Africa in the third One-Day International in Johannesburg on 17 March 2013, Pakistani player Shahid Afridi held the unofficial record of the longest 6 in world cricket.

A player who has scored 100 or more runs in one innings is said to have made a century; if they score 150 they have made 150 not out, or “not out” for short. If they score 200 not out, this would be called 200*.

Fastest ball in Cricket history

Fastest ball

The speedometer then registered 208 kilometers an hour during the same span, prompting several fans to tweet about the malfunction. A few even brought out Shoaib Akhtar, whose 161.3 kph delivery retains the record for the quickest ever in cricket history. He became successful in recording the fastest ball in a game against New Zealand on 28 June 2022.


Cricket is a game of passion, love, and unity. Now a day the different t20 leagues such as PSL, IPL, BBL, BPL, etc have made cricket more thrilling and interesting. ICC is the control office for all types of cricket. But still, the experts and legends thought that test cricket is still the beauty of cricket. Young generations like the t20, t10, and ODI cricket more rather than test cricket.

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