Korean Jewellery Brands

For a long time, Korea has been known as a goal for cosmetics and stylish clothing. When you learn more about Korea, you will find that Korean jewelry companies have fascinated millions worldwide, not only cosmetics and skincare.

If you’re exploring jewelry, these are the best Korean jewellery brands.

Portrait report:

Korean Jewellery Brands

Designer Jeong Baek Seok established a jewelry brand known as Portrait Report. It is a brand valued by stars like Hyomin from Zico or T-ara, a prominent Korean rapper.

If you value luxury and understated jewelry, Portrait Report presents an excellent selection. Their structures are simple yet beautiful, making them a perfect choice for those with a more sophisticated look. The brand’s most famous thing is the twin earmuffs, which can also be utilized as unique couple rings. Portrait Report jewelry is admiringly advised for those who want simple yet stunning designs. These brand products are understated and graceful. Korean jewelry brands must be recognized.

Coldframe: Korean Jewellery Brands

The shapes of flowers and human bodies enlighten COLD FRAME jewelry. The formats of this firm’s creations are exceptional, particularly their ring structures, as they strive to define a woman’s strength and beauty. COLFRAME is famous for including flower petals and vintage jewelry in their hefty and soft designs. Bracelets, rings, and other parts in the “Rope Twist” display feature unique surfaces, while the “Anima” line showcases baroque-style chains and pearl earrings with an antique-inspired look. Here you can read an amazing article about Curling Irons For Beach Waves.

Simple necklaces with soft designs are still open to mix and compare with your dresses. This brand’s creators have recently made one-of-a-kind compositions by mixing ring-shaped structures and bracelets.

1064 Studio:

1064 STUDIO is a Korean brand acquiring popularity for its graceful and minimalist jewelry creations.Net-A-Porter, a beautiful style and beauty e-commerce store, increased the brand’s attention even more.

And the 1064 Studio’s layout is modern, minimalistic, and impartial, with easy geometry. The brand’s versatility permits endless layering choices. The CEO, the brand’s chief designer, strives to create usable jewelry that can be modeled on various events instead of just certain ones.

1064 STUDIO is conducting classes for clients interested in understanding how to make handcrafted jewelry. It is divided into one-day and talented courses that are good quality and always have reservations. The class may provide many customers with incredible tips. Come to 1064studio if you like to attempt making your jewelry.

Wingbling Korean: Korean Jewellery Brands

Wingbling Korean: Korean Jewellery Brands

Wingbling is the most recognized jewelry brand in Korea. Attracting clients with wonder and charm, Wingbling found many beautiful and weird rings and necklaces.

This brand strives to bring out each individual’s natural looks. Since its beginning in 2014, Wingbling has become a modern brand among Koreans and style enthusiasts due to its extensive jewelry range and the tales behind each collection. High-quality jewelry, such as K-pop models and Korean stars, has drawn a large following.

One of the superstars who enjoys utilizing Wingbling Korea is IU. You will see this youthful K-pop singer sporting these beautiful Korean earrings numerous times.

The brand’s leading sellers comprise the Wingbling Silver Post, Glitter Mother-of-Pearl Necklace, Crescent Moon Shape Earrings, and Tear of Glacier 1-Polar Bear Ring.

SCHO studio:

Sarah Cho is the creator of the SCHO Studio label. The brand operates a beautiful showroom called The Room, located in Hannam-dong. Clients can drink coffee while appreciating the jewelry show in this Room, which also acts as a café. Cho’s label, which was based in Paris in 2012, attracts inspiration from her various upbringing – having lived in many nations, including the UK, the United States, Kenya, and France – with her earlier experiences at Lanvin and Balenciaga.

SCHO Studio is a positively sought-after jewelry label in Seoul, featuring works in Vogue Korea and GQ. The best designs from SCHO Studio are the Curl earrings, Dita necklace, Brooklyn Bracelet, and Rose Pearl Cascade earrings.


Numbering is a jewelry brand from Korea that highlights a simple, unique design approach—young, asymmetrical jewelry with special branded numbers. The exhibition features 925 sterling silver and 14k gold-plated parts, hovering restrained craftsmanship with cheerful decoration.

Hefty metal-linked bracelets and rings’ soft and playful structure makes them resistant to simple interpretation. Traditional hoop earrings and charm necklaces are occasionally decorated with crystal-cut beading or pearl accents. Heavy metal-linked bracelets and rings oppose plain interpretation due to their soft yet active construction. Numbering’s numerical decorations will surely grab your heart, as they are large and beautiful.

Space oddity:

A new Korean luxury jewelry firm, Space Oddity, has newly appeared.”Actually, the jewelry is short; it seeps strength,” said the brand’s creator. This business offers a wide range of jewelry fashions for modern ladies.

Space Oddity offers a diverse jewelry collection, from delicate earrings to statement necklaces. Their design philosophy is intriguing. They also created fantastic design ideas like  “Drawing with Light” and “See the Unseen.” Space Oddity is an expert in crafting unique and exclusive items based on this essential principle. The brand’s most famous pieces include long earrings with creatures and nature, ear cuffs encompassing the whole ear, and hair slips with oriental structures.

Joomi Lim: Korean Jewellery Brands

Joomi Lim: Korean Jewellery Brands

Joomi Lim, a citizen of Seoul, expanded her horizons in the jewelry enterprise following the victory of her globally famous accessories and dress brand, Joomi Joolz. Joomi’s fashion jewelry business has come an extended way since 2009.

Joomi combines playful and feminine creations with a sharp fashion and vibrant energy. Graceful, bright-colored pearls and crystals complete sleek globes, pyramids, domes, and tips to make a balanced aesthetic. Multiple prestigious magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Jalouse, Elle, W Magazine, and Vogue, have presented Joomi Lim’s jewelry.


Korea has a vibrant jewelry market with minimalistic, beautiful, and grand designs. Portrait Report is one of Korea’s most prominent jewelry brands, famous for its unique yet minimalistic designs.

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