8 Best Japanese Backpack Brands

Here is the list of Japanese backpack brands. If you’re seeking a bag that the Japanese have over the years, it’s the backpack. In addition to their delicious and unique snacks, collector things, lucky charms, tucking fans, kitchen utensils, and kimonos, they are confident in purchasing a good-quality backpack when touring Japan. As a traveler, funding in bags is a cost that you won’t regret.

Their bags, primarily from famous brands, are specially constructed to last. They are even designed with process and style in mind, and you will find something that will fulfill your storage needs.


8 Best Japanese Backpack Brands

It is observable that when you stroll near Tokyo, almost everyone is covered in an Anello backpack. The bags come in different designs and shades, but they all hold the same tag. This Japanese bag brand was established in 2005 and called after the Italian term “ring” or “loop.” Anello is famous for its effortless yet well-balanced structures.

In history, it is not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries. Multiple forgers have popped up here and there, also popularizing the brand. When voyaging to Japan, fashion-conscious travelers prioritize buying an Anello backpack. You should read about the Most Expensive Pen In The World.


This brand is the newest addition to the list, but its backpacks are excellent. Based on Japanese civilization, F/CE’s design principles incorporate themes from different nations. Their theme concentrates on showcasing one “nation” selected from additional parts of the world. They tour countries with unique civilizations to gain motivation from their lifestyle, craft, music, history, and civilization. The product is a backpack with a new look featuring individual design elements.

Simultaneously, it provides the best quality and functionality with its outcomes. Their bags are prepared from top-notch fabrics for enduring durability.

Master-piece: Japanese Backpack Brands

Masterpiece Products has been combining high-level functionality and creation since 1994. Their backpacks are made in Japan and prepared for everyday use. Professional crafters manufacture different bags in-house, using authentic materials designed from the finest experiences worldwide. The company’s slogan is “functional beauty,” mirrored in all its effects.

Master-piece: Japanese Backpack Brands

Masterpiece is a label committed to maintaining and growing the art of Japanese backpack making. They handcraft every outcome domestically to preserve the highest criteria of craftsmanship. They’ve made a bag that is smart and practical, making it the most fashionable and durable pack on the market. They use different materials to make bags, both natural and synthetic, but in any matter, they make them sturdy with water and blaze resistance. They manage the products with respect.

Masterpiece not only creates beautiful outcomes but also upholds the all-purpose bag in mind. They pay attention to elements and provide their backpack with surprising qualities. For instance, the back belt has a whistle function, the zipper bag folds as a lantern coloring when connecting a headlamp inside, and the slider portion of the central zipper also acts as a keyhole. Masterpiece outcomes are designed to be utilized, and the more you employ them, the more you will find their finer details.

Masterpiece’s dream of preserving classic Japanese bag-making skills is reflected in their top-quality, pricier bags. Masterpiece holds 17 stores in Japan and intends to extend to Thailand and Taiwan via its global network of agents. Masterpiece has about 40,000 Instagram followers.

PaaGo works:

PaaGo Works’ title is “Let’s pack and go!” imaging its focus on advancing gratitude for the outdoors. They create outdoor backpacks for nature lovers. Founded in 2011, the brand delivers a range of helpful carry, including driving and walking bags, wallets, and purses.

The brand’s backpacks feature unique layout patterns that differ from existing measures. This brand specializes in making innovative and functional backpacks and purses that are relaxing and highly functional.

Makavelic: Japanese Backpack Brands

Founded in Tokyo, Makavelic is a brand that adjusts to customer requirements. No matter what the client’s style and functionality choices are, they will never find their perfect partner. The trendy structures combine style and comfort.

The Makavelic backpack brags a universal design that effortlessly transitions from city roads to outdoor adventures. It is trendy and waterproof, making it an excellent accessory for any event. It delivers excellent city-country mixed daypacks that you can utilize every day.

Porter Yoshida Kaban:

Porter Yoshida Kaban japanese bag pack brand

Although, Porter Yoshida Kaban is an excellent Japanese brand expert in producing high-quality backpacks and luggage. The firm was founded on April 1, 1935, by Kichizo Yoshida, who started making bags with a military technique for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Now, the brand is famous for its elegant and functional structures that combine classic Japanese craftsmanship with trendy materials and methods.

In addition to its center product line, Porter Yoshida Kaban cooperates with other brands and developers to create unique backpacks and accessories. Past partnerships include collaborations with Monocle, Adidas, and BEAMS, arising architects from Japan and worldwide.

Porter Yoshida Kaban merges Japanese craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics, and functional structure to create fashionable and practical backpacks and luggage.

Southern field industries:

Founded by a husband-and-wife couple in 2008, Southern Field companies ship pieces with excellent quality and timeless structure in mind. Although they deliver handcrafted bags and items like weekenders, tote handbags, shoulder bags, and wallets in their Saitama studio. So, you can get classic designs that are well-crafted, resulting in a good look.

So, Each bag has high-quality criteria to ensure the user can gain years of service. Above that, the brand produces bags from fabrics like Japanese vegetable-tanned leather, creating an exceptional finish and a bag with a unique feel.

Conclusion: Japanese Backpack Brands

In Conclusion, It has become second nature to grab a backpack before departing the house. Although given the value of this habit, it is essential to choose a reliable and practical bag that can fight any situation without fail.

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