Top 6 Japanese Eyewear Brands

Here is the list of Japanese eyewear brands. A relaxing and stylish pair of glasses identifies your look. Famous as the greatest country in new techniques, the Japanese eyewear company has established products using developed materials and methods like high-grade titanium, malleable metals, and Pure titanium like rubber.


Top 6 Japanese Eyewear Brands

FACTORY900 is an eyewear factory in Japan that has been working since 1937 and makes all its creations in-house. The creative designs are brought to life by the advanced technologies.

Their group of designers has questioned themselves and achieved excellent plastic frame-forming methods. The brand acquired the Japanese Eyewear Award, also called “Eyewear of the Year,” in three successive years.

In Japan, the brand holds two flagship shops that showcase its collection, including broken and rare structures, under the piece “THE FUTURES EYEWEAR.” The companies provide complete after-sales benefits, such as personalized suggestions for lenses and frames and professional frame polishing.

Eyevan: Japanese Eyewear Brands

In 1972, EYEVAN was accepted as Japan’s first style eyewear brand, with the idea of “eyewear as a style accessory.” When Hollywood stars such as Lady Diana and Maddona modeled Eyevan sunglasses in 1985, it caused quite a stir. Since its reestablishment in 2013, EYEVAN has kept its global victory streak. It is crucial to give classic designs a trendy twist to make them more appropriate to the present times.

Although trends come and move, EYEVAN has stayed committed to creating and fabricating all of its structures in Japan. We use just the highest-grade raw materials in our small-scale manufacturing process. The fusion of classic Japanese craftsmanship and state-of-the-art high-tech machinery confirms exceptional excellence. Moreover, the movement features stylish lookbooks and beautiful TV commercials to bond with the audience. EYEVAN operates with select opticians and boutiques globally for elegant eyewear.


999.9 is a brand founded in 1995, aiming for absolute product purity. Four Nines represents quality for manufacturing, outcomes, and workers. Equal focus on three criteria is necessary for Four Nines’ success.

The most suitable fit for eyeglasses is attained when modified to your face form. Four Nines’ glasses have a unique design that fits all face shapes. Preserving a relaxed and adjusted position for an extended period is necessary. Four Nines produced the “Gyaku-R hinge” for stable and comfortable glasses.

MASUNAGA: Japanese Eyewear Brands

MASUNAGA: Japanese Eyewear Brands

This eyeglasses brand, founded in 1905, has a long history as one of Japan’s premier eyewear manufacturers. Masunaga has received several accolades for being one of the most exceptional eyewear brands.

These glasses have unique and beautiful designs and frames. New styles of glasses have been made in the eyewear market. They have developed a variety of structure shapes such as rounded, square, butterfly, flyers, and kitten’s eye, which are well-known. In addition, they offer libations created of valuable metals like silver and gold.

The company has been supplying blemishes to the Japanese royal tribunal for generations, which is no shock. All the procedures for manufacturing a visual frame are always carried out at home. MASUNAGA eyewear is fantastic, considering it takes around 200 steps to complete each pair. Also, foreign eyewear brands depend on MASUNAGA’s excellent quality to make their frames.


Mitsuhiro Matsuda established Matsuda in Tokyo in 1867. This eyewear brand combines classic Japanese craftsmanship with trendy technology to create superior glasses.

Unlike other manufacturers, Matsuda pulls inspiration from architecture and style. Therefore, they are one of the most typical brands worldwide. Each frame is prepared by hand at the organization’s building in Sabae, Fukui. The creation method of every luxury eyeglass includes about 250 steps. The brand in query is a well-known Japanese eyewear brand. Matsuda is famous for his honesty in experimentation and willingness to explore new concepts. They utilize Sterling silver and 18K gold decorations to enhance the significance of their eyewear. 

Boston club: Japanese Eyewear Brands

Boston club: Japanese Eyewear Brands

Boston Club Eyewear was established in 1984 but is not an American brand, as the name suggests. The firm’s roots can be drafted back to Japan. The fashion class originated in-house and has since achieved popularity. 

They have edited popular fads from 1984, such as open and classic metal structures with engraving, preppy yet functional flip-up frames, and acetate insert frames with a modern twist. All designs were made in Japan using 30-year-old blueprints and machinery. BOSTON CLUB now presents a new Japanese custom. They will restart to search for manufacturing regulations and standards by rethinking and editing successful designs.


So, Japanese eyewear brands are recognized for their excellent craftsmanship, creative designs, and dedication to quality. Although these brands have successfully sculpted a niche in the international eyewear market, blending conventional Japanese aesthetics and contemporary functionality.

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