Motor Oils Brands| Original & Ranked

Here you will learn about the best motor oils brands. Motor oil is a helpful product often ignored until a problem arises or a trainer recommends its use. Regularly checking your motor oil as part of your care schedule can protect you from future problems and expenses. Proper lubrication stops overheating and engine damage from excessive friction while enhancing your vehicle’s performance and lifespan.

Motor Oils Brands| Original & Ranked

It’s essential to note that regularly changing your motor oil can decrease the risk of being stranded in a bad climate due to engine failure.


Caltex offers a wide range of high-quality oils for all engine types in Pakistan. So, the Caltex, an international oil company established in 1936, specializes in making motor and automotive oils. Caltex is a trusted brand in Pakistan, with multiple drivers relying on their manufactured blend oil, Havoline, for engine safety and performance. 

Although Caltex is dedicated to quality and creation, its engine oils are prepared to meet the demands of modern engines while delivering superior safety and performance. The brand is famous for its exceptional products, personalized client service, and tailored resolutions.

ZIC: Motor Oils Brands

ZIC: Motor Oils Brands

ZIC was established in 1997 and is a Korean brand that has earned popularity in Pakistan for its focus on creation and technological progress. Surely ZIC offers a variety of engine oils, including mineral, fully synthetic, and semi-synthetic options. Their most famous engine oil is the ZIC X7 10W-40, a synthetic oil that provides excellent engine protection and implementation.

ZIC has multiple buyers in Pakistan, and they are grateful for its dedication to quality and affordability. ZIC is known for its firm focus on analysis and development. The group of experts focuses on producing new and innovative oils for modern engines. 

This brand prioritizes client satisfaction and is dedicated to providing exceptional engine oil products that fulfil the needs of Pakistani motorists. With a priority on quality, creation, and affordability, ZIC is a top engine oil brand in Pakistan that persists in gaining favour among drivers.


Total is Pakistan’s greatest engine oil brand, delivering a diverse range of top-notch oils for various engine varieties. Although Total is a French corporation specialising in supplying motor and other automotive oils. Their line of motor oils includes Total Quartz, an entirely artificial oil that offers excellent engine safety and performance. Founded in 1924, Total has become a top brand in the industry. Total has multiple customers in Pakistan, with the brand authorised by many motorists for their engine oil requirements.

Total is dedicated to sustainability, and its motor oils are designed to fulfil the demands of modern engines while decreasing environmental effects. The brand is famous for its high-quality outcomes, outstanding customer service, and a guide on giving solutions that meet each buyer’s specific needs.

Havoline: Motor Oils Brands

Havoline is a brand of Caltex, an international oil company developing and manufacturing engine oil and automotive lubricants. So, Havoline delivers a variety of motor oils, such as synthetic mixtures and fully synthetic greases. 

This engine oil is prepared to deliver superior motor protection, fuel efficiency, and less emissions.

Havoline is dedicated to providing high-quality motor oil products that meet customer needs. Havoline is a famous motor oil brand in Pakistan famous for its quality, invention, and commitment to sustainability. 


PSO is a state-owned organisation that produces and spreads petroleum products. So, PSO is a high-performance motor oil that offers exceptional protection and performance for current engines. 

Although PSO is dedicated to quality and invention, its motor oils are designed to fulfil the needs of current engines while delivering superior performance and safety. The brand is renowned for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Petronas: Motor Oils Brands

Petronas is a Malaysian business that produces engine oil and other automotive oils. One of Petronas’ most famous engine oils is Syntium, an entirely manufactured oil with excellent engine safety and performance. Petronas has many customers in Pakistan, with the label trusted by multiple drivers for their engine oil requirements.

Although Petronas is dedicated to invention and sustainability, its motor oils are created to meet the demands of modern engines while decreasing environmental impact. Petronas is a well-known brand in Pakistan, and its importance for quality and dependability persists in attracting new buyers.

Shell motor oil brand


This brand has been delivering high-quality engine oil, reducing engine maintenance costs. The Shell company was founded in 1907 and currently works across 70 countries.

This brand’s engine oils are highly useful in lubricating and cooling machine parts. What’s more, their low-emission formula makes them environmentally pleasant. No matter the temperature, high or low, you can depend on Shell engine oil to perform very well in extreme weather situations.

Moreover, specific additives control impurities from reaching the engine, extending its life. There are high-quality options for gasoline and diesel cars, such as Shell Helix 5W-40 API SN Ultra Synthetic oil.

Shell is renowned for providing top-quality engine oil, whether it’s synthetic or traditional. Their products come at various price points, but they offer exceptional value for the money. Costs range from $5.13 to $33.48.


Motor Oils Brands, So Selecting the right engine oil brand is essential for the durability and efficacy of your automobile. By selecting one of Pakistan’s leading engine oil brands, you can be guaranteed your engine is protected and functioning optimally.

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