Ben Franklin| Biography| Inventions Accomplishments

Benjamin Franklin’s work in all fields affected the development of the American territories and the United States as an unrestricted and sovereign nation. Benjamin Franklin is a famous political personality in the American record, and his accomplishments go beyond that.

Here is the list of Ben Franklin accomplishments.

1. Franklin invented the lightning rod:

Ben Franklin| Biography| Inventions Accomplishments

Franklin performed thorough studies on electricity. He once discussed the prevailing idea that electricity comprised two opposing forces and suggested that it streamed from one thing to another. He also presented new terminology: positive, negative, charge, conductor, and battery. Furthermore, he declared that lightning was a state of electricity and created the groundbreaking discovery of the principle of charge conservation.

His investigations helped him to create a machine that would save buildings from the damaging force of lightning. Therefore, the lightning rod was designed to protect structures by earthing.

2. Ben Franklin aided in the repeal of the Stamp Act of 1765

In 1757, Franklin moved to England to represent the Pennsylvania Assembly in its dispute with the Penn family descendants over Colony representation.

Afterward, Ben Franklin also became an agent in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Georgia. The Parliament of Britain passed the Stamp Act in 1765, setting a direct tax on British-American territories. The Act faced considerable opposition throughout America. Franklin led the American cause in London’s Parliament. In March 1766, the Stamp Act was rescinded. As a result, Franklin became the primary agent for American concerns in England. You should read about the Achievements Of Julius Caesar.

3. He authored the famous Poor Richard’s Almanack

authored the famous Poor Richard’s Almanack

Benjamin Franklin’s well-known Poor Richard’s Almanack was first published in December 1732. The almanac, issued yearly for 25 years till 1758, got Franklin fame and financial success. It traded as many as 10,000 duplicates a year and was believed necessary by Napoleon Bonaparte to summarize it into Italian. 

Franklin, although known as the author, used the pseudonym Richard Saunders. Although the characters were poor, they boasted of being a philomath and astrologer. Some phrases from the almanac, like “A penny saved is twopence dear,” are now familiar quotations.

4. He invented many other things including Bifocal lenses

Franklin had presbyopia, which suggested he required two pairs of glasses. Ben Franklin devised bifocals, eyeglasses that permit both space and reading. 

The invention of Franklin’s bifocals has stayed unchanged to the present day. Franklin was a prolific designer who created a wide range of practical items. 

In addition to the lightning rod and bifocals, he also designed swim fins, the glass armonica musical device, a loose urinary catheter, his version of the odometer to calculate the distance traveled by a wheeled vehicle, the long arm for reaching high shelves, and the Franklin Stove. This stove was invented to deliver more heat and less moisture than traditional fireplaces, making it a famous choice for many homes.

5. Creator of the political cartoon, Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin is honored with starting political cartoons, which have existed for a long time. Franklin had just used comedy to convey political articles. This was a considerable achievement because he printed The Pennsylvania Gazette and wrote many papers under different titles. Ben Franklin gained favor for his political cartoons.

Franklin and Hugh Meredith bought The Pennsylvania Gazette in October of 1729. On May 9, 1754, the first political cartoon in America, Franklin’s “Join or Die,” was printed in newspapers. Even today, the comic expresses the solidarity of the territories during the American Revolution and remains a beloved symbol. The Pennsylvania Gazette was one of the most famous newspapers in the United States until around 1800. By its magazine, it had become a sign of unification.

The woodcut political cartoon demonstrates a serpent split into eight sections, each marked with the initials of an American colony or region. New England was represented as one whole commodity despite consisting of four different territories at the time. Delaware is not evaluated separately as it is a part of Pennsylvania.

6. First American diplomat: Ben Franklin

Throughout the Revolutionary War, the American territories, with the aid of the French, triumphed over the British. If you are interested in the source of it, the answer is clear – Benjamin Franklin.

First American diplomat: Ben Franklin

In December 1776, Franklin was selected to become the inaugural American Ambassador to France. His contribution towards creating a friendly bond between the United States and France was noteworthy. The success of the American territories in the Revolutionary War was made possible by French help. 

Ben Franklin was among the signatories of the Treaty of Paris in 1783. The treaty finished the war and forced the British to accept the American territories as free, self-determining, and independent states, among other requirements. Franklin signed all four essential documents that founded the United States: the Announcement of Independence, the Treaty of Association with France, the Treaty of Paris, and the Constitution.

One of the committee of five:

The United States Announcement of Independence contains five men, including Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was selected, alongside John Adams, Robert R. Livingston, Thomas Jefferson, and Roger Sherman, to handle the Declaration of Independence. Ben Franklin made many significant changes to what Thomas Jefferson had reported. Here is the biography of Rosa Parks.

Conflicts between colonists and the British failed at Lexington and Concord when Franklin returned to Philadelphia on May 5, 1775, after his second journey to Great Britain during the American Revolution. The New England militia forced the primary British army to stay in Boston. Franklin was unanimously selected as the representative of the Pennsylvania Congress to the Second Continental Congress, which consisted of partners from the Thirteen Colonies accountable for leading the war struggles against England. Due to gout, he could not attend most committee sessions, but he always contributed to the Committee of Five, which wrote the Declaration of Independence in June 1776.

Although the announcement of Independence is a critical document in our world’s record. But He was one of the five people selected to help craft the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin believes him to be one of his most outstanding accomplishments. So, Taking on the duty of writing this document showed Ben Franklin’s importance in his life.


Although Benjamin Franklin achieved multiple significant accomplishments across different fields. He has various attractions, but curiosity always drives him to seek discoveries. So, Ben Franklin was an important historical figure in his time and continues to be relevant today due to his numerous achievements. The findings and innovations he made had a significant impact.

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