Japanese Shoes Brands

Japanese Shoes Brands, Japan values culture and loves fashion, and is home to some of the world’s top shoe brands. Japanese shoe companies offer a variety of high-quality and durable shoes for both men and women.

For any athlete, running shoes are a necessary item. Experienced or professional runners can appreciate the performance, durability, and style many Japanese running shoe brands offer.

This article will introduce the top Japanese shoes brands. So keep reading this article.

Eiji Murata:

This shoe brand was launched in 2004 by Eiji Murata. It started by producing men’s shoes and later expanded to include women’s shoes. Many individuals have faith in and adoration for the Eiji Murata brand.

The Eiji Murata brand is known for its unique quality and craftsmanship, creating some of the best shoes. Their products are made to cater to your unique requirements for each order. The shoes they offer are carefully made by the best artisans in Japan, using only top-quality materials.

It offers a variety of footwear, including loafers, slip-ons, and shoes in various colors and styles to suit your preferences. Their boots are suitable for multiple occasions, from casual to formal, making them perfect for weddings and parties. Eija Murata’s shoes may come with a high price tag, but they are built to withstand the test of time. Consider getting Eiji Murata sneakers as a thoughtful gift for someone special. You should also read about the Most Expensive Basketball Shoes here.

TYE shoemaker: Japanese Shoes Brands

This custom shoe brand specializes in creating shoes for people with foot difficulties. Unlike ready-to-wear products from other shoe companies, their uniquely crafted shoes often take around eight months to become available. 

Tye Shoemaker has been around since 2011, creating durable and excellent footwear. Their products are known for their longevity and superior quality. Their products are prepared from the best materials in Japan, providing ease of use and comfort for your feet.

I appreciate this company’s commitment to being eco-friendly. It’s one of the many reasons I admire them. When creating its shoes, the brand considers the weather conditions. It helps them decide which materials to use in the creation process. The shoemaker produces handmade leather shoes for both men and women.


Visvim, a men’s clothing brand, was established by Hiroki Nakamura in 2001. The company has stores in Japan and the United States, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Visvim is available globally at branch and retail stores like Dover Street Market in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York. 

The Visvim Christo footwear is named after the artist partners who share an identical name. The sandal has a rounded structure that compares to Christo’s wrapped structures. Nakamura launched the “Folk” footwear line in 2008, featuring leather uppers without chemical tanning.

Visvim, a Japanese sneaker brand, has gained fame in 18 years. This brand seeks inspiration from American design for its footwear.

Clients of this modern Japanese footwear company can recognize American designs and traditional Japanese and historical methods. The originality of this Japanese cult sneaker brand lies in its unique design.

Onitsuka Tiger: Japanese Shoes Brands

Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese sports shoe brand, was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka, owner of Onitsuka Shkai. This brand produces shoes for various sports, such as martial arts, racing, football, volleyball, and tennis.

This company initially made sports shoes but now also produces stylish athletic-inspired footwear. Onitsuka Tiger footwear seamlessly blends contemporary fashion with tradition in every design. The sneakers have a unique and innovative design due to their exceptional blend. In 1955, the organization expanded its trade to 500 sports stores throughout Japan.

Onitsuka Tiger collaborated with marathon athlete Toru Terasawa in 1953 to create a running shoe that prevents blisters in long-distance runners. Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila wore Onitsuka Tiger shoes for the first time in 1957, convinced they were superior to running barefoot.

Hiro Yanagimachi:

Hiro Yanagimachi produces over 50 styles of shoes and boots. This brand was launched in 1999 by metal designer Shuji Yoshimura and has since emerged as a well-known name in Japan.

This company is renowned for crafting one-of-a-kind shoes by hand in Japan, utilizing only the finest materials. Each Hiro Yanagimachi pair takes over three weeks to make with meticulous craftsmanship. 

Additionally, every product undergoes a final inspection before being dispatched. They produce both boots and footwear. Each item features a unique and authentic design that upholds traditional standards. These items may be expensive, but they have the potential to endure for up to five years.

Hiro Yanagimachi’s collection includes the Lace-up Derby shoe. This shoe is easy to slip on and off. It comes in a range of styles and exudes a relaxed atmosphere.

Asics Japan:

Asics is a top Japanese sports shoe brand with an excellent collection of performance footwear.

Their sports shoe designs are the latest and most stunningly gorgeous. When you come across one of these items, you are irresistibly drawn to add it to your collection because of its popularity and the brand’s representation.

It’s worth noting that this brand is famous among professional athletes and runners. Asics Japan produces premium running shoes using high-quality materials and stylish patterns.

These shoes are available in various colors, styles, and patterns, each with unique features. They stand out from other sports shoe brands due to their style and creative designs. I highly recommend Asics sports shoes as they are exceptional and worth considering.


This Japanese shoe brand is known for being the leader in sports equipment sales. They aim to provide customized shoes or create new designs to improve performance.

Although their shoes are designed for individuals who incorporate running into their daily routine. The unique selling proposition of Mizuno is their perfectly shaped running footwear, setting them apart from other Japanese sneaker brands. Every shoe they make is crafted with high-quality materials and designed for a perfect fit. These shoes are designed for running with a unique style, exceptional performance, and great value.

So, if not all, of the fabrics used are of the highest quality. These items provide both comfort and durability. You can use them for either a quick assessment or a workout.

Rendo shoes:

When thinking about Rendo shoes, the phrase “strange” comes to mind. The Rendo shoes are created using unique materials that differentiate them from other brands. This Japanese brand has been recognized for making high-quality products for almost six years. Over the years, they have received multiple prizes as a result.

Teppei Yoshimi founded Rendo Shoes in 2013 after resigning from his former position. Rendo’s shoes are made with rubber, leather soles, and fabric uppers for comfort. The Rendo shoes are elegant, classic, and have an ideal balance. They have a soft oiled leather surface and are well constructed. With Rendo sneakers, you have the freedom to go anywhere you want.

The ease of wearing these shoes is one of their distinguishing features. These Rendo Chukka Boots provide a high level of comfort. This shoe is designed to be painless; You will experience minimal discomfort while wearing it. The item showcases a unique design and consistent stitching. The heels on these shoes are smaller compared to those on ready-to-wear shoes.

Japanese running shoes:

Shoes like pottery

This brand produces handmade fabric sneakers at their Kurume manufacturing plant in Fukuoka. These shoes are created using the old Japanese technique “Ka-ryu” – a heat-curing method that involves heating the outer soles in a furnace, giving each pair a consistency and a unique appearance that looks like handcrafted ceramics.

According to legend, swinging the hammer will grant the owner eternal good fortune and fulfill their wishes. This hammer is believed to be held by Daikokuten, a Japanese deity and one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology.

You can quickly identify shoes from Like Pottery by their distinctive blue bottom sole. The addition of this signature provides a delicate touch of color to the traditional canvas sneaker style. All shoes are crafted from sturdy canvas material. This feature will make it easier and more comfortable for the customer to carry. The sneakers’ simple design, comfort, and durability make them a top choice for me.

LOSERS: Japanese Shoes Brands

The brand LOSERS began its business operations in 1975. Losers, a streetwear label, quickly became one of Japan’s top brands. Although They strive to create designs that embody the essence of “ki,” a Japanese concept of beauty and resilience.

The tiki aesthetic is a persistent aspect that speaks for itself with its tagline, “Be consistent with your guns.” The word “loser” is not an insult for this company. So One must have faith in oneself to persevere, even under challenging circumstances. The shoes from the LOSERS brand embody the traditional Japanese aesthetic with great accuracy and faithfulness.

Surely LOSERS is a well-known brand among young people today. Its founders and designers are all part of the new generation. But The Japanese shoes brand title reminds us of hard-working designers influenced by Japan’s Edo age. They aimed to create new models of shoes for sneaker fans. In every individual’s failures lies a distinct and hidden creativity.

LOSERS has created shoes inspired by the colors worn by ordinary Japanese people during the Edo period. But The brand’s clean, lightweight shoes with a signature V-shaped design have made waves at fashion shows.

Hender Scheme: Japanese Shoes Brands

Despite Japan’s reputation for design and quality craftsmanship, the Hender Scheme remains mysterious. However, it is also on the verge of becoming a magnet for “male bureaucracy” that draws shoe players. Our products are meticulously crafted with designs that pay homage to iconic brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Rebook. It’s not simply a matter of altering hues or incorporating distinctive elements. Hender Scheme uses goat leather and premium cowhide instead of traditional fabrics on original Adidas shoe models.

Although Hender Scheme is a brand that specializes in creating handmade, high-quality leather shoes and sneakers inspired by popular sneaker models. But the Hender Scheme’s popularity stems from its raw leather handcrafting. They commonly use a blend of cowhide, pig, and leather for their soles. So Our shoes guarantee to provide customers with comfort, individuality, and style.

Using leather for footwear may make vegans reconsider Hender Scheme shoes. But consider a stylish and attractive handcrafted shoe if you like the material and design.

Conclusion: Japanese Shoes Brands

So the right brand and type of shoes are crucial for sports enthusiasts, particularly runners. Although Japanese running shoe brands offer distinct features and characteristics to help customers make informed decisions.

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