Janie Beggs | Biography, Age, Net worth, and Career

Janie Beggs rose to fame not through hard effort as most people would, but rather via simple familial ties to well-known figures. Janie Beggs only became well-known because she was married to a person whose singing is beloved by many people all over the world. Being married to such a powerful musician will draw attention to you. Now Janie Beggs is single but she is not searching for someone.

Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey, whom Janie Beggs married in 1983 and had a brief five-year marriage, helped boost her reputation. We’ve decided to update you on all you need to know about Glenn Frey’s ex-wife Jennie Beggs in this piece. Among other things, we examine her brief history, her financial worth, and the details of her marriage to Glenn Frey.

Who is Janie Beggs?

She was born on 24 April 1952  in Fort Worth, California. Her parents are Ed Farmer Beggs & Janie Farmer Beggs. Beggs is an American citizen with mixed ancestry and ethnicity.

As a result of their immigration from London to Texas, Jannie Beggs’ family founded one of the largest prosperous cattle corporations in the USA, the Beggs Livestock Company.

How old is Janie Beggs?

Janie, who was born on April 24, 1952, is currently 69 years old.

Ed Jr. & George IV, Begg’s brothers, were keen to carry on the family company, but she had always had a passion for the arts.

Marriage of Janie Beggs

Glenn Frey, an American singer, and Janie Beggs were wed in 1983.

They allegedly first connected during one of his rock concerts in the early 1980s fell in love right away, and have been dating ever since.

In 1983, the pair exchanged vows. However, their relationship could not last indefinitely, and in 1988 they divorced after a five-year marriage.

Galen Farey-Janie Beggs’ Ex Husband

On November 6, 1948, Glenn Frey, a songwriter, American musician, and artist was born in Detroit, Michigan. He began learning the piano at age five while born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan. He eventually moved to the guitar and joined the Detroit rock movement in the middle of the 1960s. His first band, the Subterraneans, was made up of former Dondero High School friends Doug Edwards on drums, Bill Barnes &  Doug Gunsch on guitar, & Jeff Hodge on piano. The band was named after Jack Kerouac’s novel of the same name.

In 1983, Glenn Frey wed Janie Beggs; their union lasted five years before coming to an end. In 1990, Frey was remarried, this time to Cindy Millican.

Sadly, Frey passed away on 18 January 2016.

Together with fellow bandmate Don Henley, who co-wrote the majority of the Eagles’ songs, Frey served as the frontman and co-lead singer for the Eagles. You can also read the biography of Nona Sobo here.

Net Worth of Janie Beggs

The first wife of the late singer and composer Glenn Frey, Janie Beggs, gained fame in this capacity. She was married to a founding member of the rock group Eagles, where her ex-husband was also the frontman and co-lead singer. As a member of the Eagles, Glenn also earned five American Music Awards and six Grammy nominations.

As opposed to her late ex-husband, Janie has remained low-key and hasn’t made any public appearances. How much money Janie truly makes is unclear as she only achieved popularity after she married Glenn. Given that her ex-net husband’s worth is thought to be approximately $90 million, it stands to reason that she owns a portion of it, which is likely merely sustaining her luxurious lifestyle because her work or any other source of income is unknown to the general public.

Janie Beggs’ Ex-husband’s death

On January 18, 2016, Glenn Frey, a rock icon and Eagles co-founder, went suddenly, leaving behind all the memories. Frey passed away at the New York-Presbyterian  Medical Center, according to the sources. According to some accounts, Glenn has been dealing with acute ulcerative colitis, pneumonia, and rheumatoid arthritis since 2000.


Janie Beggs got married to Glen Frey in 1983. Their relationship was retained for 5 years. She got too much fame upon marrying a great and famous American musician from the USA. After five years, she got divorced from his husband.  

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