Tropophobia! Fear of Moving! Amazing Facts

Tropophobia is an illogical fear of making changes. A phobia can develop when a person has a sense of danger about anything.  A person suffering from this condition has an incident of severe anxiety just thinking of moving on and making a decision.

In this case, a man can get a chance to have a full-blown panic attack. This type of anxiety will not be the same for every person suffering from tropophobia.

One can feel anxiety when he starts to make a decision and thinks to move on. In order to decrease anxiety one may keep away from fear which causes tropophobia.

Those who want to fulfil their dreams but have a fear of shame. They always notice the negative aspects of life and feel anxiety. In this case, their fear controls all of their life. They are actually suffering from tropophobia. You should read about Voices in My Head while you are trying to understand Tropophobia.

What Is Fear Of Moving?

Changes in life become a cause of fear. Travelling from one place to another is a big problem for phobias. Because they feel fear about new places. In the case of a phobia, only the thought of changing and travelling becomes a fear and it leads to anxiety and depression.

Life becomes tough for them and they refuse to go somewhere for jobs and educational purposes. They refuse to make changes in their life. When they decide to move towards a new place they become nervous because of the new environment, new faces and daily routine.

Changes demand support and management to overcome fear and stress. When there is nothing from these two things, someone feels anxiety. A person suffering from tropophobia may have serious effects on his whole life and relationships. 

Causes Of Tropophobia:

Tropophobia comes when you think about changes in life. Change tends to be fear. Fear is a natural thing. It is present inside you. When you take any step in your life,  you hesitate about that. You prefer your self-respect. The fear of Being insulted leads you to tropophobia.

When someone gives you a challenge, you have a fear of insult. You think that, if I could not fulfil this task it would be very shameful to me. There is a fear inside you which does not allow you to change your life. Every person has different reasons for getting phobias.

Tropophobia is also known as the fear of holes. When a person suffers from this condition he keeps away from holes. He feels fear of clusters. He feels hesitation while going to that room which is painted with a dotted pattern. Holes become a source of fear for them.

Symptoms Of Tropophobia:

When we face an emergency situation and fear, many changes occur in our bodies.

  • Increases heartbeat
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • The digestion process slows down and it leads to nausea and vomiting
  • Blood vessels contract and the flow rate of blood slows down towards some parts of the body
  • Pale skin
  • Sweating
  • Skin problems like scars and spots
  • Headache
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of something wrong

Triggers Of Tropophobia:

These are the triggers of tropophobia:

  • A piece of cheese with holes
  • Fruit seeds like strawberries
  • Reptiles with dotted skin like a snake
  • Sunflowers
  • Dotted paint in the room 

How Is It Diagnosed?                                                                

Only mental health experts can diagnose phobias, like fear of holes. There is no specific diagnostic process for tropophobia. They can surely recognize when the appearance of clustered holes becomes a source of stress and give guidance on working through that fear.                                                                                              A therapist can also help diagnose any other mental health symptoms you have and ask common questions such as,
  • The symptoms that you have
  • The things that trigger them
  • How they affect your daily life

Tropophobia Risk Factors:

Tropophobia is mostly present in women as compared to men. It is also a genetic disorder and runs in families. About 25% of patients have a family history. Some of the patients have mental disorders such as,

  • Major depression
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Anxiety in social crowd
  • Social anxiety 
  • Panic attack

Treatment Of Tropophobia:

Tropophobia is not a serious disease itself but it may cause other diseases. There are some techniques which can help you to overcome your fear.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) works to change the behaviour which causes a source of fear.. This may include talking about baseless thoughts and putting them back with real thoughts and then making changes in habits. CBT also includes moderate exposure to feared things or to decrease one’s feedback to them.

Exposure therapy is a type of (CBT) which involves gradually exposing a person to that thing from which he has fear. It is done to decrease the fear of that thing. Because when a person remains attached and touches that thing directly, his fear decreases with time.

A person addicted to tropophobia should keep close relations with those things for which he has a fear such as honeycombs. If they will try this activity on a daily basis then symptoms will be decreased. Gradually he will be able to imagine those things without any fear. This technique helps people to get rid of negative thoughts. 

Relaxation Techniques:

There are many relaxation techniques which can reduce fear and anxiety. Exercise, deep breathing and yoga might be helpful to reduce fear.

Visualization is a technique in which a person sees an image or situation. If you see an image that is a stimulus for tropophobia you might look at a thing and view it from a distance and keep on looking till calm.


If a person feels anxiety then anti-anxiety drugs can be recommended. These medications should be used alone but they are used with other treatments such as CBT or other types of psychotherapy.

How Can Tropophobia Be Prevented?

When a patient with tropophobia symptoms practises breathing and relaxation techniques help in decreasing the duration and intensity of the symptoms. Deep breathing keeps you relaxed for a long time. Your heart rate remains normal.  Self Help and Your Mental health should be your priority.                              

Here Are Some Tips For Breathing Exercises.

  • For a minute deep breathe through your nose.
  • The patient should continue to breathe for one to five minutes.
  • Don’t stuff your head with those things about which you have no proper knowledge.
  • Keep away from negative thoughts, and Always think positively.
  • Keep close relations with those things which make you fear. It will reduce your fear.


Tropophobia is not a serious disorder. It is a fear of the holes. Tropophobia stimulates when a person suffering from phobia sees a cluster of holes. It is considered an anxiety disorder. We can overcome our fear with a little effort. If you have this type of fear you must talk to your doctor. Doctors may recommend healthy techniques like exercise and visualization. A mental specialist can help you to overcome your fear with exposure treatment. This is the best way to overcome fear.

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