How To Respond To Grand Rising

What is grand rising

Feeling energetic! yes, Grand Rising is an encouraging phrase commonly used by people when they meet anyone in the morning. Most people use this phrase to encourage themselves as grand means better somehow very energetic and rising means sunrise.

People who are very passionate about their life goals use this word early in the morning to appreciate that they have another day to accomplish their goals. Astrologers and others who believe in the cosmos are the main users of the grand rising. Maybe this word is new to you, but it seems a replacement for the greeting phrase Good morning. If you want to know more about this phrase, then this article will help you a lot to unpack the origin, use, and meaning of grand rising.

What is grand rising?

Early in the day, the vast majority of people greet one another with “Good Morning,” whereas a small minority greet one another with the uncommon expression “Grand Rising.”Perhaps this is your first exposure to the term “Grand Rising,” and you’re curious about what it means and why people use it in place of “Good Morning.”This phrase conveys the speaker’s upbeat outlook on the day. An innovative day, a fresh beginning, a new opportunity, and a glimmer of hope are all yours with each rising…

If you want to wish someone a magnificent day, you might say Grand Rising! It means, Get up!& Fight! Therefore, “Grand Rising” is a more uplifting way to start the day than “Good Morning.”

Origin of the phrase “Grand Rising”

The term “great rising” comes from the group of “spiritually awakened” people. Uncertainty surrounds the saying’s precise genesis. The 2010s, according to some analysts, may have seen its emergence as a morning greeting.

In 2020, “grand rising” searches on Google began to rise. Many contend that people weren’t familiar with the greeting, though. Instead, they were seeking ways to join uprisings that had erupted in response to the harsh lockdowns that had been imposed all around the world.

Recently, the phrase “great uprising” has become more popular. There is a tonne of stuff with the great rising theme, including videos and motivating memes. “Grand rise” was first cited in the Urban Dictionary in October 2021.

Grand Rising Meaning

The word “Grand” denotes anything grand or important, but the word “Rising” refers to getting up from or leaving the bed. Grand Rising can refer to either the sun’s (light) uprising or the impending uprising of something larger or more significant. Some individuals use it as a motivating statement to tell themselves as they wake up or as a word of greeting as they meet someone early in the morning. Some individuals could believe that the term “grand rising” refers to a major uprising in socioeconomic strata. The statement does not, however, encourage individuals to engage in violence or revolution.

How to respond to grand rising?

To start your day, utilize this statement. without the negative overtones of “good morning.” The vibrations of words are what give them their meaning, and the word “dawn” sounds too much like the word “mourning,” which has a depressing overtone, whereas the word “rising” has a pleasant one. While the sun rises in the sky, you are getting out of bed. Instead of feeling sorry or dejected, we are thankful that today is still here. It’s a terrific way to begin your morning just to begin moving! Prefixing it with “grand” denotes that something greater than simply waking up is taking place; examples include going on a new vacation (or for real), being more efficient at work instead of dozing off during meetings, or even just enjoying life doing tasks like traveling rather than staying still constantly as most people do these days.

What does grand rising mean spiritually?

Some individuals express their gratitude to God for allowing their spirit & mind to rejoin their bodies after sleeping by saying “great rising” when they get out of bed in the morning. Because when you sleep, people assume you’re about to pass away.

Our physical bodies and conscious brains are at rest when we sleep, but our subconscious & unconscious minds are “traveling.” The spirit is currently traveling to another dimension, which you have already encountered in a dream. As a result, you ought to give thanks to God for awakening you when you awaken in the morning. You should read about the Best Online Homeschool Curriculum.

Why do people say grand rising?

Even though they’re likely saying this between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., this is the latest replacement for “good morning.” This is only used by those on Instagram because there is nothing grander than waking up and telling your army of Sims that you lead a good life while worshiping crystals and having your intestines rearranged by mega chads. Typically, emojis depicting butterflies, stars, palm trees, and flowers accompany the statement.

Only those who experience a “spiritual awakening” are eligible to use the term “great rising.” This phrase is exclusive to this neighborhood and is used both in person and online greetings. The phrase has taken the place of the traditional “good morning.”Spiritualists assert that the switch from “good morning” to “grand rising” signifies a greater appreciation for life and a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to awaken from sleep and experience the day.

Difference between good morning and grand rising

Between “Grand Rising” and “Good Morning,” there is a distinction.

The customary greeting in the morning is “Good Morning.” We have been saying this sentence in the morning since we were very little, although we have no idea why like other customs. just acting in a way that others do since that is how things have always been done.

Given that “morning” sounds the same as “morning” and that “mourning” is a symbol of sadness, some individuals may prefer the sound of “Grand Rising” over “Good Morning.”As a consequence, they think saying “Good Morning” is equivalent to giving your deceased loved one a “good briefing.”


The phrase could first seem to have any connection to social or political upheaval, but that isn’t the case. When you wish someone a grand rise, you are expressing your want for them to fully appreciate each moment of the day and make the most use of their time. If you want a different approach to greeting someone in the morning, consider saying “Grand Rising.”

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