How To Manage Your Anger

How to manage your anger

Everybody should know How To Manage Your Anger, Anger is a part of our human design, so it exists in every individual, but everyone expresses it differently. It has harmful effects on our health and whole life. It can be a problem when it happens a lot.

Sometimes, an improper reaction like shouting at others and insults gets you involved in unpleasant incidents due to anger. so avoid being angry all the time.

Why do we feel angry?

Anger is a natural process. Anger is related to our emotions when someone spoils our work when our dreams do not come true, When things do not go our way, and when we lose in a video game, We become angry.

 In our daily routine, we face many types of people when we go to the office, school, and college. All these people have different emotions and thoughts. Every person treats others according to their behavior. We also have different ideas and feelings. When one of the individuals does anything and says something opposite to our expectations, we become angry.

 We feel irritated and annoyed when someone says something wrong about our personality. This aggregation may be harmful to our health. You should be aware of tropophobia.                            

How anger affects our health?

Anger is not a horrible disease, but it may be the reason for other illnesses. It leads you to aggressiveness and depression. Permanent stress and anger can affect health badly. Its harmful effects are headache, anxiety, high blood pressure, eczema, etc. The adrenal glands release hormones that affect our physical and mental health. These effects may be long-lasting. If you remain angry all the time, you feel sick, which weakens your immune, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. 

Other adverse effects of anger:

  • Anger destroys intellect
  • Anger wastes the potential and creates disbalance
  • We harm ourselves, property, or others
  • Muscles pain 
  • Lower lifetime Spain

   Positive effects of Anger:

 1: Anger’s discharge is calming

When you are angry, you feel stress and severe physical pain. When you feel anger, It stimulates you to do something positive about it. Positivity brings happiness. Anger helps you to manage the stress by first discharging the anxiety in your body, and in doing so, it calms your “ mind.” You feel relaxed by doing this.

2: Anger provides a sense of control

Control your anger before it controls you. In an angry mood, you need to manage your anger without shouting at others. When you don’t take proper steps to control your anger, It leads to stress. The people who properly care for their anger are in a better position to attain their needs. 

3: Anger Energises Us                    

 We save ourselves when we react and make other people distress us. Anger protects us when someone wants to upset us. It provides us the power to help us defeat an evil enemy. Anger acts as a motivator and stimulates us to face challenges. It removes obstacles coming in our path to success.

How to control anger in a relationship:

Anger may be a healthy emotion. But when a relationship gives you stress, you must know how to control your anger. In a relationship, you should try to control your feelings adequately. This will be a game-changer for your relationship. This will keep your relationship more vital with others. Here you can read about the difference between react and response.

How To Manage Your Anger:

 It would be best if you adopted these measures.

  • Sit quietly, start counting from 1 to 50 till you relax, then speak.
  • Change your seat or may walk silently.
  • Drink water when you feel angry
  • Don’t shout and talk in a low voice.
  • Always think for a minute before saying something to others. This proved to be a helpful thing for relationships. You can manage your anger and react appropriately with a little effort in this practice. It will strengthen your relationship.
  • Keep calm and say how you are feeling. After giving yourself two minutes to yourself, you will be able to know what you are feeling. Then in an everyday mood, tell your partner why you are feeling stressed. Share your problems with your special one.
  •  Try to relax. Entertainment is essential for a peaceful life. Deep breathing and daily exercise can help you to remain relaxed. Yoga is the best technique many people who fight with anger use to release stress. Any time you feel your emotions are not in your control, go to the gym and in a park or enjoy the natural beauty.
  • When you feel anger in a relationship, it badly affects your nerves and daily routine. You should go outside and do some work according to your interest. Meet your friends and have a long conversation with them. This will help you to control your anger.

Anger management tips for children:

Anger is a common thing in children, also. So help your children to control their anger. Teach them these things to manage anger.

  • Share your thoughts and feelings with your friends and family.
  • Play with your friends
  • Read your favorite storybook.
  • Look at your photo album and recall good memories.
  • Listen and sing a motivational song.
  • Whenever you feel angry, look at your face in the mirror.
  • Sit alone, think, and meditate with the following sentences,      

             1. I am strong 2. am kind 3. I am brave 4. And I am wise

Manage your anger by using the A, B, C, D, and E steps:

A: Awareness

Why am I starting to lose my temper?

B: Breathing

Take a few deep breaths! 

Breath in, Breath out

C: counting

Start the countdown!

D: distance

 Leave your place for a few minutes!

Wash your hands. 

Go to the kitchen and eat or drink something.

Go to your room and listen to music.

E: express yourself

Discuss your problems with a friend and keep in touch.


Anger can affect our health and can weaken our relationships with others. But if you know anger management skills, you will lead a peaceful life. So try to control your anger with different valuable techniques because it damages our health and sometimes proves dangerous. One who controls his anger receives blessings and mercy from God. Keep calm and be happy.

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