Difference Between React And Response


What is the Difference Between React And Response? The difference between these terms can be explained by this given situation: if you put ice cream in the refrigerator. But your brother can eat that ice cream which you buy for yourself, after some time when you want it, then there is no ice cream in it.

You may start shouting, “ Who eats your ice cream”? and so on. So this shouting is your reaction or react and if you understand the situation that maybe your brother was hungry and he ate your ice cream and you say it’s okay then this is your response.

Difference Between React And Response:

Everyone has a right to talk and express their feelings. If they do not speak, they will do a minimum to show their reaction or response to their actions. 

The main distinction between react and response is that in reacting, a person reacts without thinking, while not considering the situation and circumstances around them. While a person responds to that situation only when he or she is in a very calm mood, not in a hasty manner. 

The definition of react is 

A reaction is instant and totally based on our emotions. Our unconscious mind controls these emotions, that’s why you react “without thinking” even.

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For a better understanding of this concept, a few examples are given below

● Suppose you want to buy a new toy car but your parents can not buy it for you, then you show a feeling of aggression and this makes you stubborn. This is your reaction to not getting your favorite things. 

● If your boss suddenly calls you at the office over the weekend and gives you a lot of work and you plan a picnic on the weekend with your friends, this spoils your whole mood and makes you annoyed.


These Are The Following Examples Of Response:

● your boss calls you at the office even over the weekend and assigns you a lot of work, it might be important that’s why he urgently calls you if you understand this situation and enjoy work over the weekend so this is your response

● Let’s suppose a situation, you are walking in the park and a few of children are playing there and suddenly a ball hits you and you know that unintentionally the ball hits you. You can not say anything to them because you understand the situation and you pass away this is your response.

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