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Nona Sobo is a well-known Spanish model and actress. She became very popular and cherished by her fans after being featured in a series on Netflix working on “wrong sides of the tracks”.

As you are more passionate to know about this beautiful actress, keep reading this article. After thorough research adequate information i.e, age, history, life goals, and current working projects of Nona Soba are discussed here.

Who is Nona Sobo?

Mariona Soley Basoch, famed as Nona Sobo is an actress who appears in Spinach TV dramas and films. She was born on 3rd March 2000 in Thailand. When she was a child, she was adopted by Mei Sobo. Her Zodiac sign is Pisces. When she was 2 years old, they relocated to Spain. Now, this 22-year-old actress is living in Charles de Montbui, Barcelona of Spain with Spinach nationality.

Nona’s height is 152 centimeters or 5 feet 5 inches. With her beautiful dark brown hair and eye color, she adds more glamor to the TV screen and attains the attention of all her fans with her full energetic acting skills. Her boyfriend’s name is Carlos Uraga, the founder and CEO of Nantek company in Spain. She is called Nona on stage since that’s how she attempted to pronounce her name when she was younger. Her surname, Sobo, relates to the initial letters of her real last name: Soley Bosch.

How Nona Sobo started her career?

Nona Sobo is a renowned performer who established her career in the television industry. She started her professional career by performing minor roles in music videos and advertisements. The casting agent of the Netflix series “Wrong side of the tracks” met Nona Sobo for the first time on the stage of a TV commercial where she was performing her role. He offered her the role of Irene.

Although the protagonist of this Spanish play is Tirso Abantos ( played by Jose Coronado), a veteran of the war who is sick of drug dealers encroaching on his community. Tirso decides to intervene to save his adolescent granddaughter Irene (performed by Nona Sobo) from being a victim of their misdeeds. In this way, she built her first debut on the stage in 2021 by signing the project of this Netflix series. Nona still starred as Irene, when the second season of the Wrong sides of the trucks was released in 2022.

How much Nona Sobo is active on social media?

In fact A status update, any tweet, or uploading a photo on Instagram or any social media platform helps any celebrity to be in the public eye. Their videos, upcoming events, work projects, or tours are put online to inform the fans about that beforehand. If you want to know about any actors or VIPs, the perfect place to search is on social media. stars who are active on these platforms, their fans know a lot about their interests from what they post online.

Finally, Nona Sobo has an active online influence. She is moderately gaining eminence on Instagram by sharing her acting career updates and lifestyle photos with her fans. Nona has more than 86,000 followers from the publication date of her Instagram account. She posts a lot of behind the scene videos and snaps from her work on social media accounts. She often uploads images of her Chihuahua and party photos from events and nightclubs.

Analyzing Nona’s role in Wrong side of the Tracks

In the television program Wrong Side Of The Tracks, commonly known as Entrevas, Nona Sobo played the role of Irene.Despite having Thai ancestry, Nona Sobo plays a Vietnamese youngster raised by the affluent Abantos family. Irene, who feels out of place, seeks comfort in Entrevas, the community where her adoptive grandfather resides.

In fact she meets drug gang member Nelson Gutierrez (Felipe London) and develops feelings for him. Without giving too much away, Wrong Side Of The Tracks has 16 episodes, and each of them will provide plenty of drama for Nelson, Irene, and her grandfather. Certainly, you can watch this series on Netflix.


Basically Nona Sobo is an emerging TV actress who is getting fame in her fans’ hearts through hard work. She has more quirky, stylish, and effortless looks. Although In the coming era, she will be a highly-rated actress in the Spanish film industry.

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