Most Expensive Kobe Shoes

Sports lovers will indeed recall Kobe Bryant, the most important sports figure ever. They recognize him as a five-time NBA winner and the front of the shoe line that holds his name.

Here is the list of the most expensive Kobe shoes.

1. Kobe 1 Proto Undefeated:

Most Expensive Kobe Shoes

The Kobe 1 Protro Undefeated is one of the most expensive Kobe Bryant shoes attainable. Undefeated, a shoes and clothing business in Los Angeles, cooperated with Nike to copy Kobe Bryant’s first authorized Nike shoe. 

In 2018, Undefeated presented several restricted edition hues of the shoe. Protro is the nickname of the Nike shoe, which means that it looks retro but is designed to meet the needs of everyday athletes. 

Bryant is credited with coining the word “Protro.” In February 2018, the first-ever Protros were presented. Two months afterward, they established the “close out” hues of the supporter. There have been more Protro versions of Bryant’s earlier shoes launched. However, they are all restricted editions. This shoe deals for $50,000 on StockX, equal to around $300 in high-end basketball shoes.

Price: $50,000

2. Nike Kobe 9 Premium “HTM”:

Nothing about fashionable Kobe Bryant footwear hits the Kobe 9 Premium ‘HTM’. The shoe’s cover includes a stylish, colorful design with a white surface, black Swoosh, and a gum outer sole.

Flyknit, Flywire, and Lunarlon technology are also incorporated in the shoe. Nike head and CEO Mark Parker, chip design creator Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Nike Leader Tinker Hatfield designed this sneaker, available at the Nike field stadium Milano and Excelsior shops in Milan, Italy.

Price: $7,800

3. Adidas Golden KB8:

Adidas Golden KB8

Bryant was a portion of the Three Lines for the five years of his profession before his stunning Nike tenure, which noticed the launch of the Nike Zoom dark Mamba stripe. One of his more famous Adidas shoes was the yellowish KB8, which was never launched to the public but marketed for $3,000 on eBay’s bargain website.

Bryant modeled these retro shoes throughout the 1998 All-Star Weekend with brilliant yellow color and significant spiral motifs. There were only two pairs ever made.

Price: $3,000

4. Nike Kobe 6 “Vault anniversary”:

Nike launched a limited version of Kobe 6 ‘Vault Anniversary’ shoes in 2011 to celebrate Nike Vault’s first anniversary.

Although the compass of these Kobe Mamba sneakers is pretty fair (black, white, and yellow), they come with a Nike AW-77 hoodie and a specific safety guarantee pack. The extensive $5,100 price label is comprehensible, given that just 24 pairs were utterly available in the market, with 24 defining Bryant’s jersey digit during the latter part of his career. Consequently, the shoes arise on the most costly Kobe Bryant shoes list.

Price: $5,100

5. Nike Air Jordan “Kobe Bryant” pack :

The Nike Air Jordan “Kobe Bryant” pack is noteworthy because it includes customized sneakers that Kobe Bryant wore during the 2002-2003 season.

The upper part of the shoes is white, and the midsole is yellow. Bryant sported the Air Jordan 3 instead of the Washington Wizards, the final round he and Michael Jordan recreated against one another before the latter quit at the end of that age.

These Kobes were only obtainable to players and were never created to store frames. Bryant had resigned his agreement with Adidas a year earlier, and the shoes were a request from Nike and Jordan to bind the Swoosh label. For anyone curious about purchasing these unique basketball sneakers, a two-sneaker pair is available for $30,000 at the renowned sneaker shipment site Stadium Goods.

Price: $30,000

6. Adidas the Kobe Storm Trooper:

The Adidas Kobe, usually known as the “space boots” due to its vast white outside, appeared in 2000 and was Bryant’s leading shoe for the 1999-2000 age. The shoe is primarily white and similar to the Audi TT Roadster. Even though Kobe was a critical aspect of Bryant’s early job (he achieved 28 points per game while beating the NBA title), it was the last shoe he ever sported for Adidas. Bryant decided to end his agreement in 2002 owing to disputes with corporate leadership regarding how his shoe was being made. In 2003, he inscribed with Nike.

In 2006, Adidas re-launched The Kobe but removed all Kobe branding and anointed the lurker the ‘Crazy 1.’ One hue of the actual Adidas Kobes, instead of the Crazy 1, has created its path to the online exchange marketplace StockX and is running for $3,100. 

Price: $3,100

7. Nike Kobe 5 “Big Stage Home”:

Nike Kobe 5 “Big Stage Home

Amazingly, the sneakers Bryant modeled on his route to his fifth NBA championship are among the most costly Kobe Bryant shoes. The Kobe 5 has a white lofter, tattoo-style structure, and gold inflections.

Bryant wore the shoes in the 2010 NBA Finals, with about 28 scores and eight rebounds, while directing the Los Angeles Sneakers to a difficult seven-game victory over longtime enemies, the Boston Celtics.

Price: $1,800

8. Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Grinch:

Nike launched the Zoom Kobe 6 ‘Grinch’ in 2010 to celebrate the NBA holiday season, and it swiftly evolved into one of the most famous Kobe shoes of all time. The Lakers come in a bright green color that fits the character it is established on: the devilish Christmas celebrity, The Grinch. The sneakers have two-toned green rankings; the shoe has a jet Swoosh and red Kobe stamp on the top. It is also regarded as one of the most famous Christmas-themed shoes ever.

Bryant first sported the lurkers on Christmas Day 2010. Even though the followers lost, partners who sat courtside were cited victorious. When they obtained a fantastic Kobe 6 Grinch offering bag following the match. Due to its fixed availability, the sneaker resale prices have skyrocketed to $1,000.

Price: $1,000


You have learned about the most expensive Kobe shoes. Despite the outrageous pricing, supporters of the basketball legend persist in queueing up to fetch his shoes. I hope basketball lovers and shoe collectors will spend about $1,000. For the most recent edition as long as Nike continues making them.

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