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The Miracle of the Grand Rising


Nowadays, we often hear about the “grand rising.” What does it mean? Of course, it’s a new and different term for a layman.

Are these two terms similar?

 To answer this question first, it is necessary to understand the meaning of this phrase. So let me break it down for you. It has a different context and meaning. Some people use it instead of Good Morning.

Beautiful people are on the rise!

Just look at the morning, nature. 

It is a beautiful morning. 

Look at the sunrise

The sun is setting in the east. 

The birds are singing. 

It’s time to get up and thank 

I thanked nature, mother earth. 

The gods and goddesses 

King and queens 

All the great antagonists 

The birds, the bees, 

The flowers, the insects, 

All the animals, everything to be thankful for.

Every day is another chance to do it correctly. 

Attention: the meaning of Grand Rising 

The term “grand rising” has multiple meanings. It’s a little bit different from the word “Good Morning.”

It is an inspiring or motivational term that most people use to encourage or push themselves

It’s simply an act of celebrating the fact that the body, mind, and spirit are holistically rising right now.

Is that confusing? Let’s make it simpler.


The prefix “grand” explains the meaning of the sense of superiority; huge and bigger.

While the word “rising” means the action of getting out of bed, rising in the morning

It is not just a way of greeting in the morning; it is a way for you to get up in the morning and thank the spirit for returning to the body.

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What does it mean to thank the spirit?

  • Spiritual senses of the Grand Rising 

Grand rising is a great and positive attitude that gives you inner peace. In spiritual terms, it is believed that when we sleep at night, our soul leaves our body. For example, let’s just say that the words we say have a profound effect on our lives. Words have positive and negative energy inside them, which affects us.

 For example, 

If we want to appreciate someone, we say, “Your work is good; you did well.”

On the other hand, if we say, “Wow, your work is amazing,” you are going very well. More power to you. You are self-motivated. Keep learning. “

This phrase has another level of energy, positivity, and goodness.

Both words, like Good Morning or Grand Rising, have different levels of energy. Every word we use has different kinds of meaning and different energies.

Before further discussion, have a look at

What does it mean when you say “Grand Rising” in a phrase? 

In the English language, whatever we use depends upon the context. In which context are we using words? If I am habitual about saying “good morning,” there is nothing wrong with it. If I understand the context of the word “Grand Rising,” it indicates the rising of the sun, getting up safely in the morning, saying thanks to the soul, the chirping of birds, and the beauty of nature. 

Then it’s good to say “Grand Rise” when we wake up and say greetings. This is how context defines your words’ strength.  

But spiritual meanings have their own strength and power of saying, “Grand Rising.”

What does it have to do with spirituality? 

Grand rising meaning

Mostly, you’ll hear from people who consider themselves spiritual. They usually say “Grand Rising” as opposed to “Good Morning.”

According to the spiritual communities, when you sleep, your body is in the state of proper sleep, which means rest. But at the time of sleep, your mind is in a different state. Our minds In a state of continuous rest or travel, our spirit travels to a new timeline, domain, or new adventure. 

When we get up and want to send a greeting we usually say good morning. 

M-O-U-R-N-I-N-G  in terms of bereavement over something. 

Or in spiritual communities, it is believed that when you sleep, your spirit travels to another realm. But in the morning, when we wake up and say, “Grand Rising,” we are giving thanks to the spirit that our soul has returned to our body.

Because we usually hear the phrase that sleep is a close state to death. So you need to say thanks when you wake up in the morning. Thank God! 

Who is the follower of  Grand Rising?

People in the African culture usually use “grand rising” instead of “good morning.” Mothers, grandmothers, and the general public thank God for reawakening me. 

And the people who are astrologers,

Those who tell people how their beliefs will affect their lives or their future.

Understanding the difference between 

Good morning, or grand rising 

When you say “good morning,” you mean celebrating a new morning. and not saying

 These two words have different origins, meanings, or spellings and are called homophones.

Specifically, morning as a time of day or mourning as a source of grief.

Good morning

In spiritual terms, the  Grand Rising is a powerful force that brings you good fortune, prosperity, and confidence. Grand Rising can also be used to send greetings, but it is not limited to greeting someone. We can use it whenever we see a person for the first time that day.

Due to more positivity, the term “grand rising” is trending nowadays. Everyone is trying to understand its meaning thoroughly enough to use it instead of good morning.

Multiple meanings of “Grand Rising” 

  • A positive attitude 

Grand rising is positive energy, self-esteem, and a way to motivate or uplift oneself. When we wake up and boost ourselves to do our tasks fearlessly and courageously, we are raising ourselves.

  • A Grand Rising Lady?

Yes, congratulations! You have another day and a new chance to be a Grand Rising woman.

Wake up in the morning with a positive attitude and energy. Because every day is different, it brings you a lot of opportunities, hard work, success, and much more. 

“Grand rising” means getting up! Be ready to fight for yourself.

Motivate Yourself.

If you are not feeling well or motivated, this is the best therapy that you can opt for. The power of goodness or self-motivation 

The Grand rising indicates courage. 

The energy that can uplift you 

If you are depressed, say “Grand Rising.” 

If you want to wish luck or birthdays to your friends, then say “Grand Rising.”

Yes, because you know that the darkness will not last forever. This too shall pass.

  • Strength 

The word “Grand Rising” gives you the infinite strength to fight or cope with the difficulties coming your way. Indeed, it takes courage to rise above your circumstances.

  • Creation of Grand Rising 

Author Lakessha Johns shares her life story in a book with a 5-star rating. She shares her experience in such a positive and energetic way that motivates millions of her readers. She said Grand Rising is a force with the utmost positive thoughts that will push you forward to a new beginning, grabbing an opportunity.

Grand rising is a blessing
  • You are limitless.

“Grand Rising, unlike Good Morning, does not have a specific meaning. It is a limitless phrase that motivates you to come out of your safe zones. Remove the cover and let your whole potential shine through.

  • New Beginnings

In its spiritual meaning, Grand Rising is the illustration of a new journey. Restart your life in a new or enthusiastic way if you wish to.

Don’t just repent of the past; instead, learn from it and regroup yourself for a new or fresh start.  

  • Manifestation of your dreams and desires 

It’s not necessary that happiness always disappears or leaves you in a dark, troubled state. But there is always a way to fight or make a comeback. You have to find it through hard work or consistency. because “grand rising” refers to the rising of the sun. It is the complete assurance of your desires.

A Grand Rising is a Blessing.

It’s true. 

These are the blessings when we wake up.

Today will never be the same as yesterday. 

The process of growth is not constant.

You will lose or gain. Try, learn, cry, grow. 

If you fail, keep on trying; it’s a blessing.

In the morning when I wake up. It’s a blessing. 

When we meet our children in the morning, it’s a blessing. 

When we see the beautiful nature around us, it’s a blessing.

Every day we spend in this world is a blessing.

Count on the blessing that God gives us. It’s a blessing. 

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