Are There Hypnosis Sessions For Weight Gain?

If you are trying to gain weight but having a problem with weight gain, hypnotherapy might be the best choice for you. Hypnotherapy is the safe way to achieve your weight gain goals and support you in overcoming the difficulties you face during your weight gain session. 

There is a list of the factors that influence your weight, like your emotions, food choices, and thoughts. So hypnosis is an effective way to manage your unhelpful habits created around food. 

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind where the person feels relaxed and comfortable. In hypnosis, you are in a dream state, which helps you to access the subconscious mind.

In this condition, you become more receptive to helpful suggestions and able to build new thoughts that can help you control anxiety. 

How can hypnosis help with gaining weight?

Hypnosis is an effective way to gain weight; it helps manage stress and increases appetite. 

Here is how hypnosis supports you;

Creating positive associations for food

Hypnosis is related to the subconscious mind and helps to make a positive relationship with your food. By connecting positive sensations with food, you enjoy eating and create a healthy association with food.  

One method that can help with hypnosis is eating more in the trance state, which helps increase appetite. 

Boosting self-confidence

Boosting self-confidence is essential for those who are trying to gain weight. By increasing self-confidence, you can feel more positive about your ability to gain weight. 

This attitude can support you in staying motivated and committed to weight gain goals.

Overcoming anxiety| Are There Hypnosis Sessions For Weight Gain?

Anxiety causes overthinking, worries, and feeling stressed, which leads to appetite loss. Anxiety and your mind are correlated, so your bowel movement and hormones are disturbed when you are under stress.  

Hypnotherapy helps to promote the regulation of the mind and reduce anxiety levels. With hypnotherapy, you can change your thoughts. Declining stress and anxiety levels can increase your appetite and cause you to gain weight quickly.  

The hypnosis process for gaining weight:

There is a hypnosis process that helps in gaining weight. 


Before starting, the first step you should take is to consult with a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapists will observe your condition and the concerns you have. They will tell you about the hypnosis process and answer all your questions. 


A hypnotherapy session can begin like a conventional therapy session. In your therapeutic session, you will discuss your issues and goals. This is the best time to mark any weight gain concerns, associations, and epiphanies. 

All necessary info will be utilized to suggest and recognize your critical tips for the hypnosis part of the session.  

Induction| Are There Hypnosis Sessions For Weight Gain?

In this phase, your therapist will advise you to remain relaxed. This is usually done through deep breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and verbal cues. 

Positive suggestions

Your therapist may give you suggestions to overcome anxiety and boost your appetite. These suggestions may be positive affirmations about your potential to gain weight, eat more, and create a healthy association with food. 


After giving positive suggestions, the hypnotherapist will return you to a wakeful state. You will feel energized and relaxed, ready to change your eating habits positively. 

Following up

Hypnotherapists will not force you to do something you don’t want. The hypnosis effect will start to show in the next coming days. So follow your hypnotherapist’s advice consistently. 


Hypnosis is the best solution to gain weight. It is the trance state of mind and enables you to think more positively, manage stress and create a good association with food. But for some people, gaining weight may be a challenging task. 

You should consult a good hypnosis therapist who can help you make new patterns in your mind that improve your emotional, physical, and overall health.

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