Supplement Manufacturers Europe

This article explores the best options if you’re searching for reliable European diary supplement manufacturers and other manufacturers companies in Europe. Different retailers sell vitamins, sports nutrition, pet supplements, antioxidants, weight loss supplements, natural supplements, and many more. Let’s discover together in this article.

Herbalife nutrition:

Herbalife Nutrition has been trying to increase worldwide nutritional habits since 1980. They deliver science-backed, delicious nutrition products that help individuals achieve the ideal balance of nutrients. Across the world, millions of people drink Herbalife Nutrition shakes daily.

Supplement Manufacturers Europe

Our products are only open through educated and qualified independent Herbalife Nutrition wholesalers who provide their consumers with complete and individualized nourishment and wellness solutions. This face-to-face relationship is crucial to reaching our goal of improving our communities’ dietary habits and putting us apart.

Herbalife Nutrition was established in 1980 and now performs in over 90 countries with around 10,000 workers globally. Our components are sourced from farmers committed to following our strict planting and preservation requirements. We have funded cutting-edge manufacturing processes to provide top-quality, science-backed goods.

Our labs worldwide have ISO 17025 certification, showcasing our use of cutting-edge methods. The Herbalife24 product content is NSF Certified for Sport in North America, confirming all products are free of restricted chemicals and tested for quality according to WADA criteria.

Sanofi: Supplement Manufacturers Europe

Sanofi is a French international pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in France, Gentilly. As of 2013, it was rated fifth globally for spreading pharmaceuticals and fitness products. The company modified its name to the present one in May 2011 following the merger of Aventis and Sanofi-Synthélabo in 2004.

Supplement Manufacturers Europe, Sanofi believes that encouraging self-care among individuals, societies, and healthcare specialists will lead to healthier global people and more sustainable healthcare systems.

Sanofi combines scientific excellence with high pharmaceutical quality criteria to create consumer-focused solutions in basic categories, including allergies, pain, digestion, coughs and colds, and nutrition.


Amway supplements

Amway is an international direct-selling company that distributes beauty, personal care, nutrition, and home goods via Amway Independent Business Owners across 100 countries. Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos established Amway in 1959, thinking that owning a business could support individuals in achieving their full potential and delivering a better life for their families.

Amway has about 800 patents. Over the previous seven years, we have paid $335 million in recent manufacturing and R&D buildings across the Americas, counting one million square feet to our California, Michigan, and Washington manufacturers. Our product lines contain nutrition supplements, sports nutrition, makeup, and skincare products.

Aboca: Supplement Manufacturers Europe

Aboca has been studying medicinal plants since 1978, believing in nature’s power to provide long-term keys to human health concerns.

The company is at the vanguard of developing creative medicines using natural molecular complexes. Their task is to design innovative and efficient products that encourage the health and well-being of people while prioritizing protection. Aboca believes in a therapy technique that appreciates the body’s systems and desires natural solutions to health issues.

Their commitment to positively impacting people and the environment is honestly recognized via Aboca’s articles of incorporation and assessed according to global measures through B Corp Certification.

Bayer AG:

Although, Bayer AG is a major German pharmaceutical and life sciences corporation. Bayer is a company founded in Leverkusen that sells medicine, agricultural chemicals, seeds, consumer healthcare items, and biotechnology products.

Bayer was founded in 1863 as a collaboration between dyer Friedrich Weskott and dye salesman Friedrich Bayer in Barmen. Back in the day, the corporation started as a producer of dyes, which was a standard practice. Bayer developed into other sectors due to aniline chemistry adaptability. In 1899, they introduced Aspirin. Bayer trademarked the “Bayer Cross” emblem in 1904 and branded it onto aspirin tablets, making an iconic product still made today.

Bayer manages some of the world’s most severe global problems and always seeks creative solutions. The population is constantly growing and getting more senior. That is why it needs improved treatments and the right quantities of high-quality food.

Arkopharma: Supplement Manufacturers Europe

Arkopharma: Supplement Manufacturers Europe

Arkopharma is a French medicine lab specializing in phytotherapy, herbal therapies, and dietary supplements. Since 1980, researchers have strived to use science and environmental commitment to create safe and helpful healthcare solutions.

Nature is vital to our daily lives, providing motivation, discovery, and attractiveness. Arkopharma has been exploring the world for exceptional plants to deliver natural and high-quality products since its establishment. They know that the quality of your health supplements matters, so they are dedicated to providing honest and additive-free medications.

After over 40 years of knowledge in herbal medicine and dietary supplements, Arkopharma Labs upholds high criteria and certifications.


Abbott believes achieving perfect health is the initial step towards living your best life. Everything they make is intended to help you in doing so. They are dedicated to creating innovative technologies that can enhance your heart health, help your body throughout all phases of life, improve your mobility and well-being, and deliver valuable health details, medications, and breakthroughs for controlling your overall wellness.

For over 130 years, Abbott has used research and innovation to create options for a broader range of people by utilizing health energy. They quickly adjust and respond to environmental differences to deliver improved solutions that help people live their entire lives.

Abbott creates ground-breaking keys in diagnostics, medical equipment, food, and branded generic drugs to assist you, your family, and society in living healthier, more fulfilling lives. 

Glanbia Nutritionals:

This provider delivers innovative nutritional solutions to world-famous brands. Glanbia Nutritionals specializes in products including cheese, dairy proteins, premix solutions, bioactive additives, and palatable films. 

The company is the world’s biggest manufacturer of whey-based healthy solutions, the largest producer of American-style Style Cheddar Cheese, and the second-largest producer of premixes.

Glanbia Nutritionals strives to enhance performance across healthy, functional, and operational factors. In simpler terms, they aim for improvement at all levels. Their features and services guarantee to boost health and strength. Their consumer wisdom, scientific understanding, component expertise, and operational understanding aid in making reliable and enjoyable goods.

Conclusion: Supplement Manufacturers Europe

You have learned a list of Europe’s most renowned dietary supplement manufacturers. Before buying these products, it’s essential to conduct thorough research on the manufacturer and proper usage.

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