Futuristic Human| Future of Humans and Artificial Intelligence

it’s very interesting to know about futuristic human and artificial intelligence. It takes work to foresee the future. Surely this world will be changed in ways that we cannot imagine. But we can guess. The satisfactory method to forecast the future is to look back at the past. In the future, we will be aggressive and agreeable but with a smaller brain.

What will we look like in the future?

The predictions depend on past activities that will be enlarged for those organs that are not used chiefly. And those which we use less will be shortened. 

Will we own the extra-large brain that we see in movies?

These predictions do not revolve around biology concepts and evolution. We have yet to determine accurately, How we will change in the coming years. But some suggestions are discussed below. 

Our bodies will be augmented in this way.

In the coming years, our bodies will be stronger and more intelligent than today. Wearable things will be a source of body augmentation. In the future, we can expect contact lenses to help us capture pictures and videos. 

Teeth| Futuristic Human

Recently, we have had small jaws as compared to the previous years and have 32 teeth. No specific change will happen in the quantity of teeth. If we alter the method of eating, then we can see depletion in jaws and teeth.

Large brain

Surely there is no chance of enlarging our brains in the future. Because the change in the size of the head of the baby will affect the pelvis during childbirth. The pelvis is a settlement between an upright posture and the area of the birth canal. This would change a woman’s capability to walk correctly if it is changed. Self-discovery is also a very interesting topic to read about.

Body size

Our body size cannot grow beyond a specific limit as the mechanical demands on the tissues of massive bodies are dissimilar to those of medium sizes. By changing the size of the body, There will need to be a change in the shape of the body.

Thumb size

A recent study shows that a generation that plays more video games has overdeveloped thumb size. Muscles change through their physical use, but it is not genetic. A person can develop these characteristics but not pass them on to his offspring.  


Eventually, your hands will look like claws. After 2100, people’s hands will be shaped like claws. This will be referred to as a text claw. The elbow will be bent down to 90 degrees.


Nose size will increase on average in the future. It can help cool air into warmer air when inhaled. It would be the result of climate change, not genetics. 

Lifespan: Futuristic Human

We will develop to live for a long time. Life expectancy becomes the feedback to humanity rates, how predators harm you. 

If mortality amounts are big, an animal should breed young or may not breed at all. There’s no benefit to evolving variations that save aging or cancer. You cannot live long enough to use them.

Before progress, All the people were different among monkeys and had low temporality and long lives. The distribution of food stops starvation. We evolved to slow down puberty and long lifespan to 70 years.

Child mortality was giant, about 50% or further, by age 15. The average lifespan was only 35 years. After the increasing population, child mortality remained high up to the 19th century, And lifespan was decreased to 30 years because of the shortage of food. 

In the past years, nutrition, hygienic habits, and medicines decreased death and increased life span. Life expectancy increased up to 70% and 80% in advanced countries. These things increased because of a healthy lifestyle, not evolution.

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