9 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

Here are the 9 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum that you should know. If this is your first time teaching your kids at home, it can be a challenging experience. Nowadays, multiple high-quality and correlative homeschool programs are available through laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

If you want to know about what is the best online homeschool curriculum. Keep reading this article.  


9 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

Thousands of families have encountered the benefits of homeschooling and appreciation for Calvert Homeschool’s prize-winning academic offerings. Calvert Education delivers homeschooling relatives with a variety of educational opportunities. The Calvert presents homeschool curriculum, private schools, and online schools.

Calvert Homeschool incorporates traditional textbooks with online learning to deliver a strong reading, handwriting, and math base. Music, science, geography, history, and the arts are combined with that foundation. Each lecture plan has a precise objective, includes instruction to complete that objective, and finishes with an exam to evaluate progress.

Bridgeway: 9 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

Bridgeway Academy was founded in 1989 in reaction to the demand for more academic freedom for homeschooling families. Around 30,000 PreK-12 students and multiple charter and conventional schools depend on Bridgeway Academy as a teaching partner.

Bridgeway offers a combination of homeschooling options. It provides four types of learning per year level:

  • Personalized individual study
  • Self-paced online learning
  • Grade-level printed learning kits
  • LED live online classrooms

It delivers a primary homeschool curriculum and detailed programs for Christian families, student-athletes and entertainers, children with learning problems, military homes, missionary families, and foreign homeschooling.


K12.com provides a comprehensive and highly customizable online learning experience for students and their families.

Tuition-free virtual general schools taught by state-certified teachers for K-12 students are among K12’s online homeschool options. For children with unique recreations or zones they’d like to touch upon, there are three different tuition-based remote schools to select from and several summer school, passionate, and standalone course choices. Assume you want to avoid engaging in a full-time homeschool schedule. 

So now Suppose you’re looking to improve your child’s reading skills or want to enroll your kids in a center that focuses on high-interest subjects like coding, commerce, or IT. In that case, you can benefit from K12 Digital Literacy programs. But this free library of literacy instruments comes with around 21,000 eBooks, which can assist your child enhance their reading skills.

The Keystone School:

The Keystone School presents a relaxed online learning environment and academic programs to help students achieve their goals. It is a pattern that unites students’ needs with the high-quality teaching they deserve.

At Keystone, learners can get a complete education (including certified middle and high school certifications) or take classes to supplement different high school or homeschool programs. Learning can transpire offline with homeschool textbooks or online with virtual lessons conducted by a professor. Keystone also delivers adult career school certificates in addition to its K-12 programs.

Forest Trail Academy:

Forest Trail Academy is a highly respected online homeschooling program that offers internationally acknowledged high school diplomas. The Forest Trail Academy is committed to developing future directors of lifelong learners in a global online environment by delivering innovative, academic, artistic, and practical excellence.

Secular and Christian homeschool correspondence courses, as well as instructor-led online learning, are available. Forest Trail Academy presents a comprehensive range of courses such as credit recovery, NCAA-certified curricula, AP and double credit studies, summer school courses, and core courses. It is a self-paced, interactive online academy in the US for homeschooling.

Oak Meadow: 9 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

Oak Meadow is a homeschooling curriculum program known for its secular system. Its space learning homeschooling programs are identified for helping kindergarten to 12th-grade scholars.

It has complete curriculum resources for Pre-K via Grade 12 and support devices to enable parents to understand better how to use their learning class and develop a child passionate about learning.

Two options exist: registering in their distance schooling program or following self-study. Oak Meadow is mainly influenced by the Waldorf philosophy, which strives to give each learner a feeling of curiosity and appreciation for innovation without sticking to specific religious beliefs. Its grade-level equivalency programs are creative, hands-on, and complex, with multiple nature-based projects starting in the early grades.

Time4 learning:

Cambium Learning Group, the education essentials group, includes Time4Learning as one of its offerings. It presents students and parents with a top-quality, practical online learning curriculum, time-consuming features, and helpful resources.

Time4Learning delivers children in pre-K via 12th grade with cheap, attractive, and interactive online learning schedules. It can be utilized as a full state-standard-based curriculum or complement your kid’s regular school or homeschooling plan. So The program suits different student types, learning techniques, and homeschooling techniques. Printable lesson programs, teaching resources, and comprehensive reports are obtainable to parents.

Laurel Springs School:

The Laurel Springs School is a forerunner in online education, delivering a relaxed learning environment for kindergarteners via 12th grade and outside, spreading the groundwork for educational, career, and personal success.

Surely Laurel Springs provides an extensive curriculum introduced by trained professors who foster interest, growth, and purpose above traditional classrooms. This program for outstanding students in grades 6-12 delivers a custom curriculum based on each student’s attractions, abilities, and desires. So College introductory classes, awards and AP courses, global vocabulary courses, college credit studies, and one-on-one educational counseling are all available.

Liberty university:

Liberty University delivers one of the best Christian homeschooling curriculum via correspondence programs. Your kids will learn the worth, information, and skills they require to succeed in all parts of life.

But Liberty University, founded in 1971, offers a complete biblically-based preschool through grade 12 curriculum, books, and instructional devices. You’re homeschooling with Liberty University and launching a private Christian school at home. So Your youngster can obtain a private education with Christian values.

Conclusion: 9 Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

So above is an overview of the best online homeschool programs. Surely You will likely select the best program for your children,s with this guide.

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